Greece is known for a lot of things, but what it does not have in abundance is southern hard rock bands. SoundtrucK have set out to change that: their debut album, mastered by the studio legend George Marino, and their performance as an opening act for Lynyrd Skynyrd in Athens have certainly stirred the musical waters of their hometown and beyond.

SoundtrucK were formed in late 2008, when Nikos Melas (vocals), Vasilis Panagopoulos (lead guitar), Alex Papalexiou (drums), George GB Mpountalis (rhythm guitar) and Dimitris Lykakis (bass guitar) decided to follow the musical path of southern hard rock. Following a short period of rehearsals, the band started playing in clubs and venues all over the country, doing covers of some of the most influential names in rock music: AC/DC, ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd, among others. They soon distinguished themselves for their performing prowess and the raw energy of their shows.

It was only a matter of time before the band started writing their own material, but it was not until the end of 2009 that the band contemplated song writing more seriously. Influenced by their favourite artists and a diverse musical background, the band produced 9 tracks of what sounds like a contemporary mixture of hard rock and southern rock. In December 2010, the band started recordings for their debut self-titled album at NURV Studios in Athens, a process that was completed about 6 months later with the touch of a genius: the tracks were sent to Sterling Sound, NY, to be mastered by none other than George Marino himself.

The album was officially released on 18th June 2012, on the same day that SoundtrucK opened for the legendary Lynyrd Skynyrd in Athens. Since then, they have kept themselves busy arranging their next shows and working on new material for another album.

After 5 rocking years, SoundtrucK announced the band’s new line up. Nikos, Vasilis and Dimitris were joined by new band members, George Kalaitzoglou on drums and Greg Apostolopoulos on the guitars. George's powerful drumming and Greg's technical abilities, have pumped up the band and raised the bar for everyone. With the two new truckers on board, the band is stronger than ever and ready to hit the road again!

Finally, the band is also in the process of completing their second studio album, besides being busy scheduling live performances for the summer season ahead.

Hear the roar.... you can't miss it!


SoundtrucK are:
Nikos Melas: Lead Vocals
Vassilis Panagopoulos: Guitars
Greg Apostolopoulos: Guitars
Dimitris Lykakis: Bass
George Kalaitzoglou: Drums